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Interested in joining

Focus Miami?

When applying for membership you must

meet the following requirements: 

1.     1 + Years in Business (excludes venues)

2.      3 Industry References

3.      Liability Insurance

4.      Business License 
5.     Work or Service within the Events Industry

Please review the qualification criteria and frequently asked questions before completing an application.

If you have questions about membership, email


Frequently Asked Questions



What information will I need to have

available in order to complete the application?

In addition to personal and company information, Focus Miami requests the following:

  • Name and contact information for the company and the principal members.

  • A brief description of your business.

  • What contributions will you make to Focus Miami?

  • What other networking organizations do you belong too?

  • What makes your firm unique?

I have a concern about the confidentiality of the information

I am providing. Can you provide more details?


Focus Miami’s applicant company information is strictly confidential. Only board members have access to the applications but the information is not shared with any other members of the chapter. The Membership team will not disclose this information without obtaining the applicant’s prior written consent.

If I have applied to Focus Miami previously,

can I submit another membership application?

In order to re-apply for membership, please click on the Join Focus Miami Link above and note that this is a reapplication.  The board will review and reply within 30 days.

Whom can I contact to find out the

status of my application?

Please contact Focus Miami via email at and a Focus Miami board member will assist you with the status of your application.

What's the cost of joining

Focus Miami?

Focus Miami membership dues are determined each year by the Focus Miami Board of Directors.  As of January 1st, 2019, Membership is a one-time yearly fee (12 months) of $150 per company.  


Fees include firms listing on, mentions on our social media pages, exclusive networking opportunities & 12 meetings a year.


Application Submission

If I meet all the membership qualifications, will I automatically be accepted as a Focus Miami member?

Meeting the specific requirements does not automatically guarantee admittance into Focus Miami. These are qualitative in nature and are at the discretion of the current board of directors.

What are the next steps after completing the application?

Once you complete a membership application, it will be reviewed by the Focus Miami Board of Directors.  You should receive an automated email confirmation once the application has been submitted.  Focus Miami will notify you of application status within approximately 30 days.

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